Find out more about the explosive creators behind Horrible Science
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold loved science lessons, but hated waking up afterwards. After a few more years he became slightly more grown up and decided that science needed him. And it especially needed the funny bits and horrible bits to keep readers awake. So that – in a nutty nutshell is where Horrible Science came from, and from that day to this, Nick hasn’t stopped writing. Oh, all right, so he doesn’t write in the toilet, but we won’t talk about that.
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Ten facts about Nick
Tony De Saulles
Tony De Saulles spent much of his childhood doodling puddles of sick, severed arms and festering cowpats. However, it took 30 years to find a publisher that required such horrible skills.
Before achieving his dream of illustrating full-time, Tony worked as an art director, graphic designer, book designer and college lecturer.
As well as drawing horrible things, Tony has written several children’s books of his own.
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Tony's Q and A